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Radiating support in the community

What does it take to be a successful community entrepreneur raising social capital instead of cash? Transition volunteer Lilian caught up with Radian's Barbara Cooke to find out. An interview with a community entrepreneur.  Barb ara Cooke is a Community Development Officer working for Radian Housing Association. She is equipped with numerous qualities and skills that she uses to enhance developments in the Mansbridge area.   I must say, I had spoken to Barbara before but I never really knew what her official role was. Firstly, Barbara organizes training events such as heath projects (fitness and training and exercise classes), cookery and food safety classes, retail training, NHS job training opportunities, Barista training, sports activities and funding for the Young Stars programme. Additionally, she raises awareness of community projects such as the Transition history project (run by Now Heritage) and many more.  As I understand from interviewing her, she makes it cl