The dreaded plate stack crash - a memory of the Ford canteen

"Been doing a rough sketch for the Fords TRANSITion project, memories of the dreaded plate stack crash while clearing tables. Must have seated over 200 men at a time maybe? 🤔 but when that stack went and that "rawr" went up you'd want the ground to swallow you up. All good humoured though. Called it a right of passage. As much as they laughed, clapped and cheered the noise and spectacle, someone was always rushing forward with a dustpan and brush so you weren't left to it. Often felt like a family who took the Micky in lighthearted mocking. But it was never allowed to get mean. The older men saw to that. Reminding them that could be your wife or daughter out there. Mostly you felt they looked after people."

A memory sharing by Jackie Eksi who worked in the Ford factory canteen back in the early 1980s when she was just 19.

Jackie is now an artist, having studied Fine Art as a mature student, and is putting her talent to use sketching her own and other people's memories for the project, Transition: from fields to Ford and beyond. 

The Plate Stack Crash - a memory of Ford, 1982
Copyright: Jackie Eksi


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